Thursday, 23 April 2009

Robin Hood Boy In Tights

My son had to play the Town Crier in his school play about Robin Hood, he only had a 30 second slot out of an hour long play but I was determined to make him the best costume I could and this is what I came up with.....


  1. Hi!
    I really like the costume! How old is he? My 9-year old son was Robin Hood a few weeks ago and he totally refused to wear the tights... Did you have any problems making your son to wear them?


  2. Hello:

    Robin Hood is a famous fictional character, whose legendary adventures could be inspirational. I suggest telling a boy that Robin Hood had courage and wanted to help poor people.

    Regarding the tights, I have some comments: Some research in the psychology of sex differences shows that children have definite notions of girl things and boy things. With this in mind, a boy`s boundaries should be respected: please do not push a boy to wear tights if he does not feel comfortable about the idea. Maybe he fears being teased. Slim pants would look good with the costume.

    However, if he says he wants to wear tights as a legitimate part of a costume, let him do so, and do not tease him: honour his choice and his freedom to choose. An appropriate compliment would be good.

    Of course, if a boy wears tights they should be totally opaque.

    It could be that, for a school play, if one popular boy chooses to wear tights, other boys might agree to wear them also. This may be because tights would then be considered okay. They might also become not a big deal.

    I would be interested to know about the experiences of the talented mother whose blog this is, and her son the Town Crier, whose costume looks really good. I hope the other children in his Robin Hood school play liked their costumes. I hope parents and others will share any tights stories. I think that this discussion is useful for all.
    My Best Wishes to everyone.
    from Dino in Vancouver, Canada

  3. Nins and Peedles12 June 2009 at 02:26

    He was OK about the tights, I gave him the choice of my tights or his sisters leggings, I suppose he likes me better lol

    One thing he did kick up a massive fuss about was the beard, he absolutely refused to wear it in the play which is a shame as I thought it made him look very Errol Flynn, but he wouldn't have it.

  4. Funny to see the comments here, because our son didnt want to wear his sisters red tights with a Knaves costume a couple of years back (hes 9 now) but once he tried them he was fine. I suppose much of what dino says is right and maybe if the tunic wasnt so short he might have been more comfortable! Since that time he has chosen costumes such as francis drake and lately robin hood (which led us to this page!)

    We have our robin hood costume now and its very errol flynn, but yours looks great!

  5. The main point is that the children enjoy their costumes and their roles in school plays or other performance opportunities. They are actors, and learning through a fun process.

    My Best Wishes to all.

    Dino in Vancouver

  6. If anyone wants to share photographs of school plays, please do so.

    Dino in Vancouver