Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wilful Neglect

Yes, I have been neglecting this little baby of mine due to school holidays, 3 children and a dog to look after, disaster befalling us in the form of my husband  loosing his job plus a bout of illness that has inflicted us one after the other and which is still on going. Who'd have thought you could squeeze all that into 6 weeks ??

 Anyway, I had been working on something which is almost complete, I just have to hem it plus completely re-do the bodice because it doesn't hang right on me, is there seriously any such thing as a standard body shape because I'm sure as Hell not it!!!!!

Here are a couple of photos of the unfinished dress, they were taken on my mobile phone because the battery has run out in my camera and I can't find the charger at the mo, so not that great quality but you can get the idea......