Monday, 27 April 2009

60's Tunic

I used the free pattern that came with Prima magazine and some of the HUGE piece of 60's fabric I got from a charity shop for £1.50 to make this tunic, I LOVE it!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sofa Day beds

When we moved to our new house in September 2008 we didn't have any sofas and spent 3 months sitting on giant bean bags and being strapped for cash meant we couldn't buy any decent sofas either so what did we do? Made them ourselves.

Indy designed and hand built them both from scratch based on a traditional Indian day bed, they both have single mattresses so they can be used as guests beds (plus you get to sleep by the cosy warm fire whilst everyone upstairs shivers).

We have painted one gold but can't decide if we like it or not so have left the other one until inspiration hits us.....

Simple Summer Dresses

This design looks very similar to a 'pillow case dress' whereby a dress is made from a pillow case and a ribbon is run through a casing around the front and back necklines to make drawstring straps. This version is slightly more elaborate with a contrasting bodice, rick rack and fixed straps (which I made out of bias binding instead of buying another yard of fabric just to make to thins straps!!)

Linen Summer Dress & Jacket

These were both Prima patterns I believe, I made them last summer from a designer linen I bought in Forest Gate for an absolute knock down price, I paid about £7 a yard for it and then saw it for sale in John Lewis for £20 a yard!!!

I do like a bargain :)

Robin Hood Boy In Tights

My son had to play the Town Crier in his school play about Robin Hood, he only had a 30 second slot out of an hour long play but I was determined to make him the best costume I could and this is what I came up with.....

Holidays Dress

I used the same vintage pattern to make a Halloween dress and a Christmas dress in novelty print fabric, I adore this style, it looks so sweet and innocent on toddlers.

Summer Playsuit

Another great vintage pattern, a fabulous little shorts playsuit, this time I used the good old Ikea children's fabric, I still need to put 2 big red buttons on this.