Saturday, 28 July 2007

Poppy, my Guinea Pig

I'm thinking toddler clothes should be a lot quicker to sew what with them being so much smaller right? So using that theory my 23 month old daughter Poppy gets quite a few items made for these trousers made from some left over Ikea fabric I had!

They are meant to be cropped but I think I made a big mistake sewing them up by sewing the wrong legs together so the front and back are half front and back if you know what I mean and they have taken on a slightly odd shape but, ho hum, it's all a learning curve right?

Anyway, they are great for mucking about in the park and I can always make another pair, they were so easy I think if I didn't have any interruptions I could make them start to finish in a hour.

I love this fabric......


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